Automotive Sound Deadener 2mm x 100cm x 60cm Black

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Self-adhesive bitumen mat with a layer of aluminum with high sounding abilities

In cars designed to reduce noise penetrating from the engine compartment.
The mats are of silver color, from the inside there is a layer with a very strong glue, from the outside there is a compressed bitumen layer with an texture in diamonds, covered with a layer of aluminum, which is resistant to high temperatures (120 degrees).
  • Reduce vibration and vibration
  • Increase the rigidity of large sheet metal lobes
  • Reduces the noise penetrating the outside of the vehicle through the engine compartment
  • As thermal insulation
  • The surface must be cleaned and de-de-de-cleaded
  • Cut out the right piece of mat
  • Break the adhesive protective film and press against the smoothed surface. During shaping, you can apply temperature lift (dryer or heat gun)

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