CNC Flywheel for conversion Honda K K20 K24 – BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 S54 M57 – 240MM / 9.45″

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PMC Motorsport Custom Flywheel Honda K K20 K24 – BMW M50 M52 M54 ZF ZF310 ZF ZF320 S5D-250 M57 GS5-39DZ S50 S52 S54 Getrag 420G – 240mm / 9.45″

Aluminium custom flywheel to enable the combination (swap / conversion ) of a Honda K20 K24 engine with a manual gearbox from BMW Getrag / ZF


A PMC Motorsport adapter is required for installation.
Every PMC Motorsport wheel is checked and balanced before shipment.
The wheel has a replaceable cast iron friction disc.

Why choose a gearbox from BMW?
Availability and price. The millions of cars produced and their worldwide availability guarantee the availability of spare parts. Parts, as well as complete gearboxes, are readily available from ASO and aftermarket services.
Robustness and reliability. BMW ZF / Getrag gearboxes have been successfully used for many years in both amateur and professional motorsport. They are capable of transferring very high torque (some models 1000Nm+) while guaranteeing high reliability. They are ideal for SWAP on high-powered projects for everyday use.

Why choose PMC Motorsport parts and adapters?
Experience. Thousands of adapters produced and satisfied customers all over the world. Our adapters are used in Daily cars as well as in professional projects designed for professional motorsport.
Professionalism. From design to implementation, our parts go a long way. Every component we produce parts for has been measured by us with a measuring arm and a 3D scanner. The prototype is subjected to numerous tests to eliminate all possible problems in its use. For our production, we use only certified materials from reliable suppliers. We have a modern CNC machine park and experienced employees.
Quality. From the beginning, we focus on the quality of the parts we produce. After each production step the component is inspected. Every component we produce is engraved with the production serial number. We confirm our quality with the ISO certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2015
Perfect concentricity – our adapters guarantee a perfect fit between engine and gearbox
Made in EU. Our entire production and design department is located in the European Union
Selection assistance and after-sales support. Our team will help you choose the right product. And if in doubt during installation, they will provide technical support. You can contact us via Facebook, Instagram and email:

Matching engines:
Honda K K20
Honda K20A
Honda K20A1
Honda K20A2
Honda K20A3
Honda K20A4
Honda K20A6
Honda K20Z1
Honda K20Z2
Honda K20Z3
Honda K20Z4
Honda K24
Honda K24A1
Honda K24A2
Honda K24A3
Honda K24A4
Honda K24A8
Honda K24Z1
Honda K24Z2
Honda K24Z3
Honda K24Z4
Honda K24Z5
Honda K24Z6
Honda K24Z7
BMW (Petrol) manual gearboxes:
BMW GETRAG S5D-250G S5D250 5-speed
BMW E36 M50 M52 320i 323i 325i 323ti 325is
BMW E34 M50 520i 525i
BMW E39 M52 M54 520i 523i 525i
BMW E46 M52 M54 M56 320i 323i 325i
BMW Z3 2.0 2.5 2.2i
BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) S5D-310 ZF 310 / ZF310 S5-31 5-speed
BMW E34 525i USA
BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) S5D-320 ZF 320 / ZF320 S5-32 5-speed
BMW E36 328i M3 3.2 M3 323i
BMW E38 728i
BMW E39 528i 530i 523i 525i
BMW E46 328i 330i
BMW Z3 2.8 3.0 M 3.2 S54
BMW S50 E36 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAB 226.0.0161.91 6-speed
BMW S54 E46 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAI 226.0.0440.97 6-speed
Does not fit M54 6-speed GS6-37BZ gearbox

BMW manual gearboxes (Diesel) :

BMW ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) M57 Diesel ZF GS5-39DZ THBA THBM THBG THBK THBC 5-speed 23 00 7 501 342 / 23 00 7 508 772 / 23 00 7 518 077 / 23 00 1 434 505
BMW E39 530D 525D
BMW E46 330D 1434256 ZF 1065401011

Installation instructions
For gearboxes from ZF / Getrag with BMW M50 M52 M54 S50 S52 E36 M3, use clutch disc with polygon 23×29-10N [240mm / 9.45″].
For GS5-37DZ gearboxes from M57 and Getrag 420G gearboxes from BMW E46 M3 use a clutch disc with a 28×35-10N polygon [240mm / 9.45″].
Tighten the flywheel with the same torque as OE (!use OE Honda K 90011-PNA-B00 (manual version) bolts – not included!)
The bearing and clutch paw remain from the gearbox you have. If you have a bearing with two height positions – use the 24mm position

Additional information

Weight 10000 g



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