Ecumaster DBW Module Drive By Wire

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Application: Ecumaster EMU

The DBW module is necessary to control the electronic throttle of the EMU device.

The additional module has an executive function (H-Bridge + processor). Breaking the DBW into two microprocessor devices has many advantages.

Among other things, the parameters are defined in EMU (it can be very well integrated into the soft), and the devices supervise each other.

In the event of EMU or driver failure, you can take action that will ensure security (in the first case, the DBW module will close it, and in the second EMU will cut off the turnover).

The set includes a module with a connector and a plug and the necessary terminals in the set.

ATTENTION! Functions related to electronic throttle are used only for stationary tests (power generators, dynamometers). For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use electronic throttle controls on roads.

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