Ecumaster DET3 400KPa

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Digital ECU Tuner 3 is the successor of the popular digital pigtop ECU Tuner 2.

Thanks to the use of a more powerful processor and 8Mb DataFlash, it was possible to significantly extend the capabilities of the device.

The main changes include USB port support, two switchable sets of 4 maps with dimensions 16×16, advanced adaptive ignition input, 4 times more accurate DAC converter, off-line logging to DataFlash memory and many, many more.

Features of the device:

  • 4 independent 16×16 maps (fuel map, two PWM maps, ignition map),
  • 8 correction maps 16×1,
  • 2 independent, switchable sets of maps,
  • possibility of modifying a single analog signal,
  • 4 analog inputs,
  • built-in DataFlash enabling logging in without a connected laptop,
  • power supply measurement,
  • the ability to modify the signal of the frequency flow meter (17Hz-4kHz),
  • ignition signal service using inductive, Hall and optical sensors as well as signals controlling the ignition module. The device supports both single ended and balanced signals (differential),
  • support for many types of ignition: 60-2, 36-2, 36-1, Multitooth, Ignition Modules,
  • operation of turbocharger supercharger control valve,
  • support for 4 high-resistance injectors (work in the “full group” system),
  • parametric ON / OFF output,
  • automatic conversion from MAP to MAF with the use of a learning algorithm,
  • starting procedure,
  • road dyno,
  • calibration capability of any analog sensor, so that analog values ​​can be displayed in their real values ​​(eg signal from the MAP of the sensor in bars, signal from the broadband probe as AFR, etc.),
  • the possibility of free firmware upgrade as the device develops (eg new modes of ignition, additional functions),
  • communication with the device is carried out using the USB connector
  • 24 months warranty for the device

Hardware requirements:

The following minimum configuration is required for correct cooperation with the device.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 16bit,
  • A processor with a clock of at least 600MHz,
  • USB port

The composition of the set:

  • Digital Ecu Tuner 3 device,
  • AA USB cable,
  • Plug,
  • A set of pins for the plug,
  • CD with software, drivers and user’s instructions in Polish,
  • An additional set of resistors and a rectifying diode useful when installing the device.

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