Ecumaster Dual H-Bridge Module

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Ecumaster Dual H-Bridge module.

The CAN H-Bridge device contains two independent H bridges with overcurrent and short circuit protection, capable of a continuous 10 A current and a 30 A peak current. H-bridges can be controlled using device inputs or CAN bus messages.

  • Voltage range: 6V – 28V (car installations 12V and 24V)
  • Output current: continuous 10A, peak 30A
  • 4 analogue inputs (0-5 V) / digital (35 Hz – 200 Hz PWM)
  • PWM output: 12 bits 3.9 kHz

The CAN H-Bridge device can be used to provide a secured low voltage (GND) or high (VBat) power supply independent of each of the 4 outputs for bi-directional DC motor control. The low side value outputs can be PWM modulated based on the bridge.

Typical use cases are:

  • Electric windows
  • High-current electronic throttle amplifier

The double H-Bridge device must be programmed via the CAN interface. You can use ECUMaster USB to CAN, Kvaser or Peak PCAN.

What’s in the box?

  • Can H-Bridge Module
  • 24 position connectors with terminals

Additional information

Weight 369 g


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