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ATTENTION! Version for the Polish market. It has a menu only in Polish and works only on computers with Windows PL

ECUMASTER EMU CLASSIC PL is a technologically advanced universal computer controlling the operation of spark ignition engines.
It controls all aspects of the engine operation and provides emergency procedures in the event of damage or incorrect operation of the sensors.
Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the field of electronics as well as software, the device is characterized by very large possibilities and an attractive price.
The main application of the product are modified sports car engines, power generators and motor boats.

Features of the device:

  • 6 outputs for fuel injectors (5A)
  • 6 AUX universal outputs (5A)
  • 6 control ignition coil outputs (7A)
  • 4 control outputs for bipolar / unipolar stepping motor (1A)
  • 2 EGT inputs
  • 2 inputs of knock sensors
  • built-in LSU 4.2 wideband lambda probe controller
  • built-in 400kPa pressure sensor
  • built-in barometric pressure sensor
  • 4 frequency inputs for VR / HALL sensors
  • 3 analog inputs (TPS, CLT, IAT)
  • 4 universal analog inputs (0-5V)
  • compliance with the ISO 7637 standard
  • service 1-12 cylinders
  • maximum turnover of 16000
  • injection time resolution 16us
  • resolution of the ignition advance angle of 0.5 degrees
  • knocking detection for 1-20 kHz frequency
  • Speed ​​Density, Alpha-N fuel rate calculation algorithm
  • VE 16×20 map, resolution 0.1% VE
  • ignition map 16×20, 0.5 degree resolution
  • map AFR Target 16x20m, resolution 0.1 AFR
  • voltage calibration of injectors
  • calibration of the coil charging time
  • calibration of IAT, CLT sensors
  • slow speed control using a PID controller
  • control of supercharging, injection of nitrous oxide
  • parametric outputs for fuel pump, fans, etc.
  • sports functions like launch control, shift-dependent light shift, flat shift
  • logging in over 100 device operation parameters
  • support for the check engine light
  • communication with a PC via a USB port
  • friendly software with the possibility of free firmware exchange
  • instruction and technical support in Polish
  • 24 months warranty

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 16bit,
  • A processor with a clock of at least 600MHz,
  • USB port.

The composition of the set:

  • AA USB cable,
  • Two plugs,
  • A set of pins for plugs,
  • Laminated description of pins.

Additional information

Weight 640 g


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