Gas Pedal Repair Bracket BMW E46

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The mount has been designed so that the accelerator pedal handle of the BMW E46 can be reconstructed according to the original design. The repertoire is distinguished by high attention to detail, which is characterized by the execution of square cuts for the original plastic latches in strictly defined places, which ensure precise fastening of the plastic housing of the accelerator pedal.

The latches fasten securely and steadily, so that the housing itself on our handle has no side play. All the repair workpieces are cut on numerically controlled lasers and bent on numerical CNC bending machines. Only thanks to this technology we are able to ensure full repeatability and precise quality of workmanship.

S355 steel with a thickness of 2.5 [mm]

raw steel

for welding on both the left and right side of the car (version with the steering wheel on the left and right side)

Set contains:

  • 1pc. Repair kit with gas pedal

Accelerator pedal mount dedicated to the reconstruction of the element holding the lower accelerator pedal mount. The repertoire is a perfect reproduction of the original element and fits:

  • BMW E46 Sedan
  • BMW E46 Coupe
  • BMW E46 Convertible
  • BMW E46 Estate
  • BMW E46 Compact

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