Gauge Depo F1 WP 60mm – Tachometer

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The gauges offered by DEPO are characterized by the highest accuracy of indications, thanks to the use of Japanese stepper motors.

The gauge has an effective starting procedure. It automatically calibrates at every start-up, which guarantees its accuracy and reliability for years.

The gauge is illuminated in white or amber. Mounting cup visible in the pictures in the set.

The gauge has the Warning Light function, i.e. the ability to set a limit value above which the clock emits a warning sound and light signal, and the PEAK function that stores the maximum read value in memory.

Diameter 60mm, mounting depth 35mm

The kit includes:

  • gauge
  • touch controller
  • sensor
  • wiring
  • instruction
  • box

The gauge has a 12-month warranty

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