Gearbox adapter plate Saab H B204 B205 B234 B235 – Manual BMW (M50-M57) RWD

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EAN: 5903713081081


PMC Motorsport aluminum adapter (flange / flange)
Saab H B204 B205 B234 B235 – BMW ZF310 / ZF320 / ZF GS5-39DZ / Getrag420G / ZF GS6-37DZ / ZF GS6-53DZ HGA

Aluminum adapter enabling the connection (swap / conversion) of the Saab H B204 B205 B234 B235 engine with a manual gearbox from BMW

In the design process, we use a measuring arm and a high-quality 3D scanner
Thanks to the use of a measuring arm during the design process and the use of precise CNC machines – the adapter ensures perfect coaxiality of the engine and gearbox

Modern CNC machine park and qualified staff.
Certified materials
In the production process, we use only certified materials from reliable suppliers. The AW-2017A aluminum alloy is characterized by high strength properties – high tensile and fatigue strength. AW-2017A aluminum semi-finished products are used for the production of aircraft structural elements, for machine building parts, for the construction of military equipment, and components for the automotive industry.

Matching engines:
Saab H
B204i B204E B204L B204R
B205E B205L B205R
Matching gearboxes:
GETRAG S5D-250G S5D250 5-speed
BMW E36 M50 M52 320i 323i 325i 323ti 325is
BMW E34 M50 520i 525i
BMW E39 M52 M54 520i 523i 525i
BMW E46 M52 M54 M56 320i 323i 325i
BMW Z3 2.0 2.5 2.2i
S5D-310 ZF 310 / ZF310 S5-31 5-speed
BMW E34 525i USA
S5D-320 ZF 320 / ZF320 S5-32 5-speed
BMW E36 328i M3 3.2 M3 323i
BMW E38 728i
BMW E39 528i 530i 523i 525i
BMW E46 328i 330i
BMW Z3 2.8 3.0 M 3.2 S54
BMW S54 E46 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAI 226.0.0440.97 6-speed
BMW S50 E36 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAB 226.0.0161.91 6-speed

BMW M57 Diesel ZF GS5-39DZ THBA THBM THBG THBK THBC 5-speed 23 00 7 501 342 / 23 00 7 508 772 / 23 00 7 518 077 / 23 00 1 434 505
BMW E39 530D 525D
BMW E46 330D 1434256 ZF 1065401011
BMW M47N M47N2 ZF GS6-37DZ 6-speed BMW OEM 23 00 7 525 137 / 23 00 7 562 730
BMW E46 320D
BMW E60/E61 520D
BMW E90 E91 320D E87 120D
BMW M57N 23.00 7522202 ZF GS6-53DZ HGA (THGA) 6-speed 1067 010 001 ZF 1067 301 061 1067301061 BMW OEM 23 00 7 531 3465
BMW E46 330D 330CD M57N
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