Multi Function Converter 9-16V

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EAN: 5903713083917



POWER: 35 / 55W

Operating voltage range: 9-16V DC

Power consumption: 3,1A (in the work), max 8A (start-up)

Working temperature range: -40 + 105’C

Watertight housing

Dimensions: 75mm x 67mm x 17mm

Compatibility: all HID filaments and HID bixenon

The Multi – Function inverter is an innovative design with a wide range of applications. The converter operates in a wide range of 9-45V. It has additional wiring (blue cable) that increases power from 35W to 55W.

The blue cable should be:

  • insulate
  • the standard operating mode is 35w, –
  • connect under the low beam to set the inverter to a continuous 55w operating mode
  • connect to the main beam for higher brightness of the burner when switching to long lights (variable mode of 35w / 55w).

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