Reinforced rear suspension arm bracket BMW E46

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The reinforcement of the mounting of the rear rocker arms of the BMW E46 was designed by RS-Ultimate, so that they are precisely matched to the original fastenings and grooves of the floor.

The stiffeners can be welded in without any additional alterations to the floor or the rockers themselves. The reinforcements have many additional folds which are bent in different planes on the left and right sides of the fixing reinforcement to achieve the maximum possible reinforcement of the floor.

The stiffeners have 3 additional sheets of metal on the inside of the reinforcement to be “sealed” on the semicircular side of the original groove in the floor. After dabbing, the leaves fit perfectly into the semicircular plane of the embossing. Their unique shape creates gaps between the leaves that allow the stiffeners to be welded accurately to the floor.

The sheets have a large number of cutouts, most of which fall in the factory welds, where the floor strength is the highest. The product is intended both for cars that, due to the passage of time, require repair or reconstruction of the original mounting, as well as for tuning purposes, to prevent their damage during intensive use during Drift, KJS, 1/4 mile competitions, etc.

S355 steel, 3 [mm] thick

raw steel

for welding

Set contains:

  • left and right sides

Reinforcements for mounting rear control arms dedicated to:

  • BMW E46 Sedan
  • BMW E46 Coupe
  • BMW E46 Convertible
  • BMW E46 Estate
  • BMW E46 Compact

The product is designed to strengthen the mounting of the BMW E46 rear control arms, which are very often damaged during sports driving. The reinforcements are designed to maximize the factory mount.

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