RRS FIA Safety Cage Wrap.

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EAN: 5903713994954


Approval: FIA 8857-2001

Manufacturer: BSCI
Approval number: CP.001.02.A
Length: 91cm
Color: Black
Pipe diameter: from 29mm to 42mm
The lagging has a self-adhesive tape.
Very easy to cut the lagging to any length.
Made of non-flammable material, absorbing energy on impact.
Good quality, comparable to Sparco, Sabelt or OMP.

In accordance with Annex “J” ARTICLE 253 – 2017.

8.3.5 Protective coverings
Those areas of the safety cage that could be exposed to direct contact with the body of the athletes must be clad with non-combustible protective lagging.
All safety cage tubes as defined in Figure 253-68 and all roof reinforcements must be equipped with cladding in accordance with FIA Standard 8857-2001 Type A (see Technical List No. 23).
Each cladding must be fixed in such a way that it cannot move from its relation to the tube.
Application: In all categories.
For non-pilot competitions, cladding is mandatory on the driver’s side only.


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