Set-Turn Mazda MX5 NC 17″ Wheels FAT

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EAN: 5903713131083


Lock kit for Mazda MX5-NC 68 degrees
Kit is for 17″ wheels and is 12mm narrowed per side than RX8 kit.

Kit is fully adjustable:
1-fully adjustable ackerman
2-adjustable bumps (eccentric bushings)
3-fully adjustable camber
4-kit adapted to stock adjustment caster eccentric bolts

Kit include:
-12 chromoly heavy duty ptfe uniballs
-2 knuckles
-2 lower wishbones with strong ball joint
-2 upper wishbones
-2 tie rod with tie rods ends
-1 ackermann kit (24 locking polates)
-2 poliurethane bushings for lower mount points of coilowers
-2 adapters of tie rods for bmw e36 steering rack

Additional information

Weight 25000 g


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