Set-Turn Mazda RX8 (18″ wheels only) FAT

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EAN: 5903713131113


Swivel kit for Mazda RX8 68 degrees.

The set contains many adjustable elements:

  • full ackerman angle adjustment
  • smooth adjustment of steering stops (acentric bushes)
  • smooth wheel angle adjustment / steering axle tilt adjustment
  • Adjusting the height of the tie rod tip in the steering knuckle adjusted for two positions of the crimp (series or in line with lower control arms)
  • set adapted to adjust the lead angle of the pivot pin with standard acentrics

Set contains:

  • chrome molybdenum uniballe heavy duty ptfe
  • 2 crossovers
  • 2 lower control arms with solid pins
  • 2 upper wishbones
  • 2 steering rods with endings
  • 2 reductions for the BMW e36 mangle

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Weight 25000 g


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