Sled bogie reinforcement Nissan S14 S15 R33 R34

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Bogie repair/reinforcement kit

We offer a product designed for users of the Nissan S14 S15 R33 R34, which, as we know, often have a power output that is significantly higher than that intended by the manufacturer. Our product is intended to strengthen or repair and reinforce the mounts and critical points of the rear beam. The kit has been specially designed and bent to fit the truck in the best possible way. It is useful for both motorsport cars with high horsepower, but also for those that we use every day and that are exposed to various weather conditions and road salt.

For the reinforcement, sheet metal (S355) with a thickness of 3mm was used.

The reinforcement requires welding.

Our product is made in Poland by qualified people. Cut out on a laser and then bent on CNC press brakes.

The reinforced areas are marked in red on the photo.

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