Spring isolator pads – Suzuki Vitara

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TurboWorks polyurethanes are manufactured with the utmost care in order to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Polyurethanes are in a unique color, so that they stand out from other yellow and red polyurethanes.
The hardness of polyurethanes is 85SHA. In order to choose a different hardness, please contact us.
Polyurethanes are characterized by:
high flexibility in the entire range of hardness,
very good resistance to dynamic loads,
high abrasion resistance,
the ability to work in a wide range of positive and negative temperatures,
high resistance to tearing and cracking,
resistance to oils, acids, solvents and weather conditions.
  We recommend suspension’s isolator pads Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara 88-95 /short/

  Versions: 50 mm i 30 mm (optional)

The sale includes: 
isolator pads under springs

We would like to kindly inform you that formally, after the installation of such distances in accordance with applicable regulations, an annotation in the documents regarding the change of the vehicle height is required.

We manufacture polyurethane parts that replace frequently wearing rubber elements in sensitive points of the car.

Polyurethane Suspension Elements – improve the precision of driving your car. They increase the stability of the geometry set in the reviews. They perfectly dampen vibrations and are not subject to the destructive effects of their working environment. They are oil-resistant, tolerate solvents, gasoline and 10% acid solutions well. By investing in PEZ, you increase the comfort and safety of driving.

Attestation + 2 years of warranty!

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