Washer / Spacer / Adapter for Brake Servo Suzuki Vitara Canada -> Europe

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The adapter allows you to mount the European version of the brake servo to the South America version, which had a different type of servo mounting to the bulkhead wall. The Canadian versions were characterized by a rotated angular spacing of the bolts, which made it impossible to use the servo from the European version during a failure. The availability of the Canadian version of the servos is practically zero, this applies to both used and new components. RS-Ultimate responds to this market situation and offers a specially designed distance, thanks to which you can install a fully common brake servo and enjoy the continued use of the car without high repair costs. The adapter is 100% safe and does not affect the quality of the braking system.

It is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to fix a brake servo fault on a Suzuki Vitara / Sidekick and many other versions.

The spacers were made with the use of numerical CNC machine tools, which guarantees the highest quality of workmanship. Subsequently, they were subjected to oxidation, which fully protects the product, making it resistant to corrosion and various weather conditions, and at the same time leaves a black satin coating pleasant to the eye.

The adapter should be mounted between the factory brake servo and the bulkhead that holds and simultaneously connects the servo to the brake pedal mechanism.

S355 steel with a thickness of 18.5 [mm]

blackened “blackened”

for mounting between the servo and the bulkhead wall

Set contains:

  • 1pc Brake Servo Adapter Suzuki Vitara Canada -> Europe

Adapter changing the angular position of the servo mount from the Canadian version to the European one dedicated to

  • Suzuki Vitara Canadian version
  • Suzuki Sidekick
  • GMC Tracker
  • Asuna Sunrunner
  • Pontiac Sunrunner

Fits Motors:

  • 1.6L 8V (1589ccm, 59kW, 80PS) Injection or carburetor
  • 1.6L 8V (1589ccm, 60kW, 82PS) Injection or carburetor
  • 1.6L 16V (1589ccm, 71kW, 97PS)
  • 1.8L (120PS) Vitara / Sidekick Sport available in the USA from 1995
  • 2.0L 16V (1995ccm, 97kW, 132PS)


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